What Is Mindful and Intuitive Living?

Mindful & Intuitive Living Invites You To Walk the Path Of A Higher Quality Of Life…

Connect to all of life’s experiences with loving, open awareness free from judgement or criticism.

When we choose to live a mindful and intuitive life, we naturally cultivate a more intimate connection with our authentic selves. We wake up to our interconnectedness with nature, with others and with the world we live in. We experience a quality of mind that can see the big picture, is emotionally intelligent, socially aware and skillful in all of our interactions.

When we live mindfully and intuitively, we gently nurture that tender part of ourselves that has been neglected for so long, with loving-kindness and compassion. Allowing us to connect with others in the same supportive, compassionate and nurturing way. Giving the best of ourselves, because we have more to offer.

At some point in our lives we realize we need to make a choice. We can stay stuck on the hamster wheel we are running on right now– feeling drained, anxious, run-down and unworthy, or we can choose to live a life that is simplified, fulfilling, fun and nourishes us in every way. A life rich with optimal health, deeper connections, meaningful relationships, love and purpose- a life in alignment with our authentic self.

Being mindful, we simply use all our senses to bring our full awareness into this moment, into this experience, free from judgement, criticism and emotional attachment.


Mindful Living offers us benefits physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually:

  • lowering our blood pressure
  • improving digestion
  • enhancing immune functions
  • increases clarity of thinking
  • increases focus
  • uplifts moods
  • less critical of our selves and others
  • better sleeping
  • reduction in anxiety, worry or overwhelm
  • helps us create more harmonious relationships
  • better able to enjoy the gift of life we are given every day
  • opens the doorway to a closer connection with the energy of Universal Consciousness.

By choosing to walk the path of a more mindful and intuitive life, you take back your health, your happiness and your inner peace.


Even taking one small intentional step helps you in developing more meaningful and authentic relationships. Opening yourself up to receiving the blessings life has to offer, experience the joy of living and you gain more control and empowerment where you once believed you had none.


Join Me Today and Start Living a Mindful & Intuitive Life,

A Higher Quality of Life



Who is Dina Joy?

  • Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher
  • Certified Mindful Eco-Therapy Guide
  • Doctor of Natural Health
  • Master Transformational Life Coach
  • The Art of Mindful Self-C.A.R.E Creator
  • BA K-8 Education
  • Member of The Association of Nature & Forest Therapy Guides
  • Member of American Association of Drugless Practitioners
  • Member of American Alternative Medical Association
  • Listed in Psychology Today
  • Author of the book Stop Eating Your Stress

Dina has articles published on a variety of websites & magazines including:

Mindful and Intuitive Living is my baby. I spent decades carefully cultivating a lifestyle that included mindful awareness of my authentic Self,  establishing a trusting relationship with my inner wisdom, and learning to become my own best friend. And when I shared what I had created with my clients, they were also able to design and live a higher quality of life that was in alignment with their highest good.  Not only did it improve all of their relationships (spirit, self, others, food, career, finances, etc), it improved the quality of their overall health, lowered their stress levels, improved their moods and boosted their self confidence.

These very special women encouraged and inspired me to share my Mindful and Intuitive Lifestyle with everyone. Because I believe in walking the talk, sharing insights and helping you uncover your own unique light, however it may shine.


How Mindful & Intuitive Living Came To Be….

I have always been intuitive, introverted and in-tune with nature. When I am open and listen to my intuition with mindful awareness, then take trusted actions to follow through with the “intuitive advice” I am given, my life is light, nourishing and fun. I find it easier to make choices and decisions. There is greater clarity, purpose and focus to my life. When I ignore these gut feelings and only follow my brains educated, linear logic or the advice of others, I usually end up feeling like I am living someone else’s life. I feel disconnected from my relationships, fear-filled, anxious, confused. Every step seems like a constant up hill, wind in your face, stuck in the mud struggle.

Know what I mean?

Years ago, when I finally decided to stop fighting, stop struggling, stop listening to what everyone else was telling me what I “should” do and quieted my judgemental inner voice with mindful awareness, I became acutely aware of how I was talking to myself. I began to understand how this inner dialogue skewed my perception of the world and how I fit into it. And little by little, my relationship with my Self and my relationships with others transformed in a very positive way. I became my own best friend, instead of my own worst enemy. From that experience, I created The Art of Mindful Self-C.A.R.E .

After a yoga class one day, a bunch of us went out to tea and started talking. Some of the ladies began telling me of their frustrations with so many of the holistic programs out there. Many of them said they loved meditation & yoga, and found they were able to be in the moment on the mat, but once they left, so did their mindful practice. They wanted something simple that they could do no matter where they were. Something that would help them to replace overwhelming stress, negative self-talk, fear and the feeling of inadequacy with inner peace, self-compassion and confidence. Something that didn’t require special clothes, sacred space or anything away from the busy lives they were already struggling with balancing.

So one day as I was taking my Mindful Walk in the Woods  I was sitting by a stream and watched a stick gently free itself from behind a rock. And  I became inspired. I’d been living the simple, mindful lifestyle for 2 decades that these women were asking for, only before that moment, I was too shy to share.  So I decided to free myself from my rock and I gave birth to Mindful and Intuitive Living.

Since then, women have been finding Mindful and Intuitive Living a lifestyle that is liberating and rewarding.  Their lives are more simplified, grounded, fun and peace-filled. It easily fits into their existing lives and helps to gently smooth the rough edges, one manageable day at a time. Creating a higher quality of life for themselves and for others.

Join me for Mindful & Intuitive Guidance


You and your well-being are my primary focus. I want you to feel as safe, comfortable and relaxed. So I offer my services with flexibility.

Join me for any service below from your favorite chair at home, while you are traveling or come to my cozy space.   Services are offered on a sliding scale via phone, Skype or in person.


Mindful & Intuitive Mentoring

We all have times in our lives when we feel lost, stuck or down right confused about the direction we should take. That’s when we really need the guidance of someone who can help us on our path. A person who can cut through all the negative and confusing mental chatter and offer clarity.

Whether we talk about challenges with self-esteem, stress or relationships the down-to-earth guidance my clients receive has been positively life changing. Based on loving, mindful and intuitive awareness, every session is customized to fit your unique needs. So that each and every time we talk you receive the most from our time together and from your life.

“Working with Dina has been the best thing I could have ever done for myself. I was feeling confused, dejected and lost. Dina helped me reconnect with the light inside of myself and reignited my passion for living with a clarity I haven’t experienced in years. If you are thinking about working with her, don’t hesitate.”- Jennifer J., Tampa

Areas I can help you:

  • The Art of Mindful Self-C.A.R.E
  • Mindful & Intuitive Eating
  • Mindful & Intuitive Living
  • Mindful Parenting/ Relationships
  • 1-1 Mindful Eco-Therapy
  • Mindful Stress Solutions

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Mindful & Intuitive Classes/ Programs

All classes are intentionally intimate. By keeping the group size small (no more than 8) you are better able to develop your own skills and trust your personal experience, instead of being overwhelmed by so much outside energy.

Every class or program is designed to be playful, fun and insightful. Truly transformational in their nature.



Self-Paced Online Courses Available:



Personalized Group Coaching :

The Art of Mindful Self-C.A.R.E is a program I offer as a hand-in-hand, group coaching experience.  Designed for transformation within 8 weeks. It is affordable, fun and includes 8 90 minute coaching sessions, hand-in-hand personalized guidance through e-coaching as well as  VIP Access to all the audio, video and PDF printable’s needed for your Mindful Self-C.A.R.E toolbox. If you are interested in receiving private and personalized Mindful Self -C.A.R.E Coaching please email me.


Classes for Schools, Staff & Small Groups :

Please contact Dina to discuss having her teach a customized Mindfulness class for your organization.  It is a wonderful way to bring greater focus, productivity, more peace-filled relationships and a better overall environment (not to mention better health for all!)


Intuitive Readings 

Each intuitive reading is personal, unique and never the same twice. We can meet via Skype, over the phone and in person.

How An Intuitive Session Works:

15 minutes before your appointed time, I ask that you focus on one single question you would like answered. Being clear with your single question it makes it easier to see the answer.

During your reading, with your permission, I’ll connect with your energy and pull cards from my favorite deck, then connect with the vibrations of your Higher Self, your angels or guides. During your session you will  gain deeper insights into your question. I believe you will know what is true and right for you as we do your reading. So please trust your intuition as much as I am trusting mine.  Make sure the information you receive resonates with you. Our time together will allow you to be clearer about the steps to take and options you have moving forwards in regards to your question.

Every reading offers you a new perspective and intuitive guidance that can help you truly know yourself on a deeper level, live a higher quality of life, and become more balanced & more fulfilled.

” I recently spoke with Dina while at a crossroads in my life.  She gently reminded me of my own ability to listen to divine guidance   and to heed my heart’s whispers. Choices that had been swirling around in my head, confusing me, became crystal clear when filtered through my heart. Dina is a compassionate, grounded, and gifted guide. She beautifully held space and shone a light to aid me in excavating my true”gold”. My gifts to offer the world!”

Ellie Kirk, Conn.


Readings are about an hour or longer (if needed) and start at $85…

I ask all clients to place a charitable donation to your local animal shelter or women’s shelter. Whether it is food, bedding, money of whatever is needed. It simply makes the world a better place to be part of it as a community, instead of just existing in it.


Contact Me

If you would like to contact me because you have a question or would like to schedule a session with me, please contact me at the options below:

This is my mobile number which allows me to talk to clients more easily and provide Concierge-C.A.R.E Service. If you would like to text me, that will work too. If I am guiding a Mindful Walk in the Woods, teaching or with a private client I will get back to you as soon as I can.

  • Or you can fill out the form below…



It is my intention to make this a place where I share my personal journey with Mindful & Intuitive Living on a weekly basis. Where I include you in each of my steps of discovery and exploration along the way with the hope’s that you will benefit from my education and my experiences.

I will be exploring mindfulness, intuitive development, the metaphysical and the paranormal. The esoteric has always attracted me, as well as the inner peace that mindfulness brings to my life. So as I journey, I will share the blend.  Please subscribe to get updates and I hope that you enjoy yourself along the way.

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